CAM Software for Medical Device Manufacturing

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The reason behind the slow migration towards CAM programming for the medical device manufacturing on Swiss-style solid state lathes is numerous. These include the fact that earlier, CAM software development was primarily concentrated on the realm of CNC laser milling and hence not especially targeted towards Swiss-style solid state lathe production. In addition, the software architecture used for such projects was developed first for the purpose of conventional CNC production. This has since then proved extremely inconvenient for users as it is difficult to migrate from CNC production to CAM production using such software. Thirdly, the users themselves have shown a general preference for CAM as compared to CNC.

How to work CAM Software for Medical Device Manufacturing

The new generation of robots has changed completely the outlook of this process of software migration from CNC to CAM programs. This is because some new features of the robots have made it possible to run CAM programs on older CNC machinery without any modifications in the machine code of the former. Some examples of such features are the featurecar G-Code and the automatic attribute setting feature. This feature is offered by many major manufacturers, which in turn allow their customers to run CAM programs on older machines. The use of featurecar G-Code means that robots are able to transfer and encode the necessary G-Code for the feature to work on.

In a nutshell, CAM programs are able to transfer the required information directly to the feature in question, which in turn enables the feature to do its job precisely according to the programmed instructions. Hence, CAM software for medical device production on solid state lathes and CNC machines allows medical professionals to perform all the necessary operations with the help of robots. This is why migration from CNC to CAM has become easier over time.

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