Important steps to do right after a serious car accident

Serious car accidents cause damage, injury and even death to one or all of the parties involved. Hence, it’s important to make proper steps medically and legally for the welfare of everyone in the scene. It helps avoid complication of injuries, and keep track of legal factors for compensation claims. Moreover, know who to call and where to go, such as the police, injury doctor and injury lawyer among other entities.

Take note of these reminders to do when you encounter any car accidents

Be sure not to miss any of these steps to avoid medical and legal problems after a car accident:

Assess injuries

First, check yourself for any injuries, and stay still if you’re seriously hurt to avoid complications. Also, check your companions’ well-being. Many states also require you to call 911 immediately as well, especially when major car accident injuries are present. If no one among you is capable of making the call, ask a bystander if there is any.

Move to safety

Next, move to a safe area. This may involve driving your vehicle when possible, especially if it’s obstructing the traffic. If the car won’t move, get off the car if possible and go to the sidewalk while waiting for the police.

Signal other motorists about the accident

It’s also important to signal other drivers on the road about the accident. Turn on hazard lights, and check your car emergency kit for road flares. Flashlights are possible alternative warning signs as well. This is for them to slow down while approaching the area, thus keeping further dangers at bay. Visit us at Scholle Law

Gather specific details

Gather essential information while waiting for the police. Ask the other party about their full name, contact information, insurance policy details, driver’s license number, plate number, vehicle type and location of accident. These info are important for record keeping, especially if you need the help of auto accident injury lawyers for compensation claims.

If you can, consider taking pictures from the scene as well. It’s possible to use such photos as evidences when necessary. However, be sure not to do any major changes on the scene; else, the law would go against your favor.

Communicate truthfully with the police

When authorities arrive, get their full names and badge number before you let them start the investigation. Also, get a copy of the accident report from them, since your insurance provider and injury lawyer may ask for it to begin the compensation claim. If no police arrive, go to the nearest police station and complete the report yourself.

When the police asks you about some info, never tell a lie or make any presumptions. If they ask if you have acquired any injuries, do not say “no” if you’re not sure. Many auto accident injuries do not show symptoms for few hours after the event. Making false and unsure statements affects your eligibility for a compensation claim.

Consult an injury doctor

Finally, consult an injury physician and get a medical report about you and your companions’ condition. This is important whether you’ve acquired any injuries or not. As stated earlier, some accident injuries hide its symptoms for few hours. Moreover, your injury lawyer will require you to submit a medical report to support your claim.

Road accidents happen every now and then. Thus, be sure to take note of these steps to do when you encounter such mishaps. Moreover, it’s wise to keep contact details of the right experts to call on emergencies. And for an expert car wreck lawyer ready to serve you, connect with Scholle Law right away! For more details, check it out at: