The US Continental Divide

The United States sits between two oceans namely the Atlantic ocean to the east and the Pacific ocean to the west. Running north to south down through the nation is a “Continental Divide“. A large portion of the Continental Divide is defined by major mountain ranges. Precipitation falling east of the Continental Divide (Eastern Slope) ultimately flows into the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. Precipitation falling to the west (Western Slope), ends up flowing into the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of California. This website was physically created from a location in Western Colorado not far from the eastern border of Utah. The main server for this site is currently located in central Utah. The surrounding area in Colorado is largely rural farm land mixed in with large operations devoted to the extraction of fossil energy. Up the road are major coal mines dedicated to mining coal for steam power plants. Just over the hill are reported deposits of natural gas exceeding 10 trillion cubic feet in volume. In spite of this energy wealth, most inhabitants here live a life of limited means. In all directions are areas of exceptional world-class scenery. The area is also known for it’s many wildlife virtues. I feel privileged to live here.