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Important steps to do right after a serious car accident


Serious car accidents cause damage, injury and even death to one or all of the parties involved. Hence, it’s important to make proper steps medically and legally for the welfare of everyone in the scene. It helps avoid complication of injuries, and keep track of legal factors for compensation claims. Moreover, know who to call and where to go, such as the police, injury doctor and injury lawyer among other entities.

Take note of these reminders to do when you encounter any car accidents

Be sure not to miss any of these steps to avoid medical and legal problems after a car accident:

Assess injuries

First, check yourself for any injuries, and stay still if you’re seriously hurt to avoid complications. Also, check your companions’ well-being. Many states also require you to call 911 immediately as well, especially when major car accident injuries are present. If no one among you is capable of making the call, ask a bystander if there is any.

Move to safety

Next, move to a safe area. This may involve driving your vehicle when possible, especially if it’s obstructing the traffic. If the car won’t move, get off the car if possible and go to the sidewalk while waiting for the police.

Signal other motorists about the accident

It’s also important to signal other drivers on the road about the accident. Turn on hazard lights, and check your car emergency kit for road flares. Flashlights are possible alternative warning signs as well. This is for them to slow down while approaching the area, thus keeping further dangers at bay. Visit us at Scholle Law

Gather specific details

Gather essential information while waiting for the police. Ask the other party about their full name, contact information, insurance policy details, driver’s license number, plate number, vehicle type and location of accident. These info are important for record keeping, especially if you need the help of auto accident injury lawyers for compensation claims.

If you can, consider taking pictures from the scene as well. It’s possible to use such photos as evidences when necessary. However, be sure not to do any major changes on the scene; else, the law would go against your favor.

Communicate truthfully with the police

When authorities arrive, get their full names and badge number before you let them start the investigation. Also, get a copy of the accident report from them, since your insurance provider and injury lawyer may ask for it to begin the compensation claim. If no police arrive, go to the nearest police station and complete the report yourself.

When the police asks you about some info, never tell a lie or make any presumptions. If they ask if you have acquired any injuries, do not say “no” if you’re not sure. Many auto accident injuries do not show symptoms for few hours after the event. Making false and unsure statements affects your eligibility for a compensation claim.

Consult an injury doctor

Finally, consult an injury physician and get a medical report about you and your companions’ condition. This is important whether you’ve acquired any injuries or not. As stated earlier, some accident injuries hide its symptoms for few hours. Moreover, your injury lawyer will require you to submit a medical report to support your claim.

Road accidents happen every now and then. Thus, be sure to take note of these steps to do when you encounter such mishaps. Moreover, it’s wise to keep contact details of the right experts to call on emergencies. And for an expert car wreck lawyer ready to serve you, connect with Scholle Law right away! For more details, check it out at:

Functions of the patent lawyers in Australia


In 1991, the Professional Standards Board for Patents and Trade Marks Attorneys in Australia formed topics which a student must pass before he or she is allowed to become a patent attorney in Australia. Patent attorneys specialize in representing clients to obtain patent or business licenses and other legal documents. Before one enrolls to study patent law, he or she must have a degree in science or engineering field. Patent lawyers assess inventions and innovations to prove if they are new or copied before they can be patented.

Features of the best patent attorneys you can rely on

The excellence of a patent attorney is seen based on how he or she performs his tasks. He or she should have the ability to discuss inventions and processes with manufacturers or inventors to predict if their projects are going to be granted patents or not. The attorney should be able to foresee all the weaknesses that could lead to the invention not given patent and advise accordingly before the legal processes to obtain patent for the invention kick off.

Patent attorneys in Brisbane should be able to determine if a project is new and innovative through analyzing scientific and technical information regarding the project. This exercise of analyzing documents includes looking even at the already patented projects to see if the project at hand is new and unique. A patent attorney is involved in the writing of patent drafts, which is the exercise of writing detailed technical information about the project on the respective legal forms.

Applications of patents from the Intellectual property Office and the Brisbane Patent office is done by the lawyers by following of the legal processes. All questions and concerns that come from the patent examiners are normally addressed and responded to by the Brisbane patent attorneys. When the patent is sold or transferred, the patent lawyers should be involved in all the processes for complete legal transaction to be handled correctly.

The nature of excellent performing lawyers

There are some skills that lawyers must possess for guaranteed victory in patent acquisitions. The patent lawyer must have an understanding of the scientific and technological ideas concerning the project to be able to determine whether it is original or copied. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are what make the lawyer to express every concept in an understandable manner. Some aspects of the business are very hard to understand, and it requires the lawyer to have attention to detail and an analytical mind to represent every aspect of the project.

Experienced lawyers are the ones who can compose a precise and coherent argument to ensure that the project or business is perfectly defended and granted a patent. Getting a patent requires the lawyer to have self-motivation and the attitude of taking responsibility because the processes involved are daunting and time consuming. Check for the reviews, number of years of experience and academic qualifications of the lawyer you want to hire to be sure that you are going to get the best services.

Why it’s important to create a recycling program in the office


At a business level, you can effectively reduce corporate waste through a recycling program. However, you will inevitably encounter barriers such as training, management, employee compliance, etc. Nevertheless, don’t be discouraged—you can start small. For instance, you can consider investing in office recycle bins.

Now, that is just a tip of the iceberg. To create a good recycling program, read these fundamentals first.

Key reasons to create a recycling program in the office

1. Dumps the right stuff in landfills

It’s unfortunate that most of the recycled waste goes to landfills—all because of mismanaged recycling. That’s why to avoid stockpiling and wastage of reusable materials, businesses must implement recycling programs. Bear this urgent issue in mind, so you can encourage your employees in recycling using the best Adelaide eco bins today.

2. Cost-effective for your business

When there’s less waste, there’s also a lesser need for budget to manage it. Even better, the Australian government provides incentives to businesses who adhere to national recycling schemes. Several of the incentivising programs are the:

  • Research & Development (R&D) Tax Incentive
  • Accelerating Commercialisation Grant
  • Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Grants
  • Innovation Connections

The key goal of these programs is to encourage innovation in businesses when it comes to recycling. Imagine what you can do with just a few but high-quality office recycle bins.

3. Boost your image to clients and high-performing employees

Do you want the valuable performers to join your growing business? Well then, boost your PR by innovating socially responsible programs. Not only will you attract clients but also employees who are involved in green initiatives. Check it out at EcoBin

If you do successfully draw them in, you can easily gather bright ideas to sustain your recycling program. Who knows? They might even educate you about buying the right compostable bags coles.

How to make a recycling program

1. Appoint someone who can manage the program.

This person will ensure that everyone participates in the program. They can help with the planning and evaluation of the program. On the other hand, if you have a rather large business, you can assign the task to a team.

2. Know what needs improvements

Is it your current trash flow? Find out if your company wastes plenty of reusable paper. Or could it be your employees’ knowledge about proper waste management? You need to know the root problems, so you and the recycling program team can shape the program based on solving those issues.

3. Buy office recycle bins for the office

Invest in central recycling bins and place them in wheelie bin enclosures. You can also buy small individual recycling bins inside the office for your staff. To encourage participation and accountability, label the bins with their names. The person with the most appropriately recycled waste gets incentives at the end of the month.

4. Get in touch with recycling companies in your city.

They will pick up your recycled waste and give you incentives. On the other hand, if they don’t pick up recycled waste and if you have business trucks, you can just use it to deliver the materials to their site.

In a nutshell

Creating a recycling program from scratch (pun not intended) might be daunting at first. However, if you take time to educate yourself and your team about it, you can start implementing your program in no time.

Find the best bins for your office today!

Start with a supplier that knows their way around the recycling business. Go to to browse their array of office-friendly bins for your program.

What to Do If You’re Falsely Accused of Date Rape


False accusation of rape ruins a person’s life. This is a sad reality that happens all the time. There are different kinds of sexual assault, including date rape. Whether it was done intentionally or a case of mistaken identity, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The accused might go on trial for something they didn’t do. Therefore, for the people who live in Texas, hiring a Houston sex crimes defense who can prove innocence is very crucial.

houston sex crimes defense

If someone is wrongly accused of sexual assault, particularly date rape, what should the accused do?

What is date rape?

First, the accused should understand the false claim made about them. Rape means any form of enforced sexual activity to which the other party didn’t give consent. It includes forcing a body part or object into the mouth, anus, or vagina. Date rape is non-consensual sex with someone you know. The victim might be unknowingly given date rape drugs that numb the senses or make them unconscious. A lot of Houston sex crimes defense lawyers have handled date rape cases in Texas.

What are the reasons for false accusations?

Being wrongly accused of a crime you didn’t commit can be upsetting. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Houston sex crimes defense lawyers Below are some of the most common reasons why people falsely accuse someone of date rape:

  • Vengeance – If a person feels anger and hatred towards someone, they might create a false accusation against them. It’s a sure way to get revenge and ruining someone’s life.
  • Misidentification – Since date rape mostly involves drugs that numb the victim’s senses and sedates them, they could have a poor recollection of what truly happened to them. Thus, they could wrongly point out the perpetrator.
  • Guilt – A person might feel guilty for engaging in consensual sex. As a result, they might fabricate a story and accuse their partner of raping them.

What should be done by the accused?

As soon as it comes to your knowledge that you have been accused, you should immediately hire a Houston sex crimes lawyer. It’s a serious offense that could lead to imprisonment. Don’t wait for formal charge before hiring a lawyer; find the best one as soon as possible. Additionally, it’s best to refrain from talking to investigators, police, or sheriffs if you haven’t hired a lawyer yet.

How to hire a good sex crimes defense lawyer

Look for a sex crimes lawyer who specializes in handling cases like yours. If you don’t know anyone, don’t hesitate to ask lawyers and law offices for referrals. They will know which attorneys you can contact. You van also ask family and friends for any recommendations as they may know someone who can help you.

You can also check out law firm websites near you. There is a growing number of sex crimes attorney Fort Worth has that are putting up their services on the internet. Look for the lawyer’s full name, contact details, and specializations.

Looking for a lawyer with sufficient background in criminal defense shouldn’t be difficult to do. If you live in Texas, the Law Office of Paul Schiffer will help you with criminal defense such as drug, white collar, DWI, and sex crimes.

The US Continental Divide


The United States sits between two oceans namely the Atlantic ocean to the east and the Pacific ocean to the west. Running north to south down through the nation is a “Continental Divide“. A large portion of the Continental Divide is defined by major mountain ranges. Precipitation falling east of the Continental Divide (Eastern Slope) ultimately flows into the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. Precipitation falling to the west (Western Slope), ends up flowing into the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of California. This website was physically created from a location in Western Colorado not far from the eastern border of Utah. The main server for this site is currently located in central Utah. The surrounding area in Colorado is largely rural farm land mixed in with large operations devoted to the extraction of fossil energy. Up the road are major coal mines dedicated to mining coal for steam power plants. Just over the hill are reported deposits of natural gas exceeding 10 trillion cubic feet in volume. In spite of this energy wealth, most inhabitants here live a life of limited means. In all directions are areas of exceptional world-class scenery. The area is also known for it’s many wildlife virtues. I feel privileged to live here.